Sunday Morning Bible Study
  9:00 AM
Adult 1: Jeremiah
Come join us as we take a long journey and see how God used Jeremiah to deliver his prophecies.
Adult 2: Psalms
As we study selected Psalms, we will focus on the character of God as Shepherd, King, Redeemer, Creator, Just, Holy, and more.  Come gain deeper insight into God and how we are to relate to Him as His creation.   
Adult 3 and Adult 4: 1 & 2 Genesis 1-19 (Lifeway curriculum)
The old saying warns us that those who ignore the past are destined to repeat its mistakes. In Genesis 1-19, readers are given a front-row seat to where everything began-and how it all fell apart. Even more important, we see how a loving God moved to restore the shattered pieces by pointing its people toward a future hope. Our world is just as broken today as it was back then, which means the message of Genesis is just as vital today as it was back then.
College & Career: True U (Focus on the Family’s The Truth Project)
Does God exist? Is the Bible reliable? Who is Jesus? We’ll answer these and other questions as we arm ourselves with the truth to defend our faith in a hostile culture.
Grades 7-12: The Jesus Studies by Ym360
The Jesus Studies by Ym360 cuts through the confusion of teenagers’ lives and gives your students a Christ-centered worldview for the major issues they face.
Children (Grades 4-6): Exodus – The Journey Continues
We’ll travel with the Israelites as God leads His chosen people through the wilderness to draw them and us into a closer relationship with Him!
Grades 1-3: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
Our lessons focus on how we worship and obey Jesus because He is the Son of God.  We will study the life of Jesus, His miracles, parables, and the Lord’s prayer.

For the next few weeks children will be challenged to have faith and obediance as they learn what it means to have a strong faith and to honor God.

PreK & K: God Wants Me to Know and Obey Him
We will learn more about God from John 20 – Jesus is Alive, Exodus 2 – Miriam Loved Her Family, and John 1 – Andrew Told His Brother About Jesus.
Nursery: Jesus Loves Me

Our caring and loving volunteers provide a welcoming, safe, and secure environment to the littlest members of our church family.