Sunday Morning Study

The pastor's current Sunday morning study is from the book of Jonah. The study is on the mercy of God. That is the bigger theme that Jonah sets before us. The structure of the book reveals nuances of the author's message.

Two episodes (chapters 1 & 2; chapters 3 & 4) show how Jonah, a devoutly religious believer regards and relates to people who are racially and religiously different from him. The book of Jonah yields many insights about God's love for societies and people outside the community of believers; about His opposition to toxic nationalism and disdain for other races; and about how to be "on mission" in the world despite the unavoidable power of idolatry in our own lives and hearts.

Grasping these insights can make us bridge builders, peacemakers, and agents of reconciliation in the world. People like this are the greatest need of our present hour.