Sunday Morning Study

The pastor's current Sunday morning study is from the book of Romans. 

The Book of Romans has proved to be life-changing and history-shaping. Why is that the case? It is because Romans is about the gospel. Paul was writing to the church in Rome in about AD57 because he wanted them first to understand the gospel, and then to experience the gospel – to know its glorious release. He was likely writing to them during his third missionary journey, quite possibly from Corinth, Greece. They were Christians he had never met, though he hoped to do so soon. They seemed to have been a church suffering from tensions between Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians. But though Paul did not have first-hand knowledge of them, he knew what it was they most needed to hear – the gospel.

This “gospel of God” (Romans 1:1) was a declaration about God’s righteousness. It was the message that the perfection and holiness of God has been seen in the life and death of Jesus Christ; and that this perfection is offered to us, as a free gift, through the life and death of Jesus Christ. That is the gospel message of Romans and, as we will see, Paul shows us not only how God in the gospel makes sinners righteous, but also how this most precious gift of God is enjoyed in our lives – how it produces deep and massive changes in our behavior and in our character.