Women's Ministry

The women’s ministry at Trinity Hills is unique in this way – the ladies of our fellowship are committed to building intimate relationships in a social culture around us, that is anything but intimate. Their commitment is to create a dedication to one another in the Lord, that can serve as a foundation to understanding the Word of God, but also to help support one another as they grow and practice their faith publicly.


Join us as we study God's Word together and encourage one another in our daily lives.

Bible Studies

Tuesday Mornings at 9:30 am – 11:30 am from January 21 – April 28
DVD study: Gideon by Priscilla Shirer with homework every other week
Led by Jean Baker and Dianne Ray at the church

Gideon’s story involves far more than a wet fleece and a battle won with 200 soldiers. His epic victory tells of his struggle with his own weakness. If you have ever struggled with insecurity or had trouble accepting your limitations, this study will help you see how God can use your weakness to unlock His strength. As we study, our eyes will be open to a brand-new perspective on yourself, your God and … Gideon.

Wednesday Evenings at 6:15 pm – 7:25 pm from January 29 – March 25
DVD study: Footnotes* by Julie Lyles Carr with homework every other week
Led by Meredith Harris and Kerry Mitchell at the church

We hear a lot about some of the “big” names in the Bible. Moses. Mary. Paul. But what about those who have a small mention, or whose names aren’t even known? Footnotes* introduces us to some people who are just a brief blip on the screen of the Bible timeline, people it would be easy to overlook but we shouldn’t underestimate. As you journey through this study, you will be inspired by the backstories of these people of faith who show us that even minor players can teach major lessons.

This group meets during Projects with a Purpose for kids and ends in time for choir rehearsal.

Thursday Evenings at 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm from January 30 – March 19
DVD study: I’m Waiting God by Barb Roose with 3-day homework completed over 2 weeks
Led by Ginger Graber and Kim Pate in select homes

Do you ever feel like God is taking too long to answer your prayers? Waiting on God challenges our faith when the bills are stacking up, our families are falling apart, or our dreams feel like they won't come true.

In this four-session Bible study, Barb Roose invites us to explore the stories of women in the Bible who had to wait on God. Together we will discover that there is goodness and blessing to be found in times of waiting, including a closer relationship with God than we’ve ever dared to dream.


The Women's Ministry Brochure is added so that you can stay informed about opportunities in the Women's Ministry at Trinity Hills.

Brochure January thru May 2020.pdf