Missions: Live Updates

LifeGate Ministries

The LifeGate Ministry to the homeless continues to feed those less fortunate in downtown Fort Worth. Each week the ministry provides approximately 250 hot meals and 60 sack lunches. In addition to the meals, clothes are handed out and scriptures are available to those who request them. Prayer requests are shared and prayed over during the week. LifeGate Ministries also serves with Beautiful Feet Ministries on East Hattie Street on the second Saturday of each month. They help serve a meal, worship, take prayer requests and get to know some of those who come to Beautiful Feet for the meal and worship service. Please visit http://lifegateministriesdfw.org/ to learn more about LifeGate Ministries.

LifeGate Food Donations are needed to help provide canned food and staples to those in need in our community. Non-perishable food items needed are: dried beans, canned vegetables, canned beans, canned pasta, mac and cheese, hamburger helper, rice A roni, bags of rice, canned meats, canned soups, ramen noodles, dried potatoes and dried fruit. Please place your donations in the LifeGate box in your Sunday morning Bible Study room.

LifeGate Hygiene Kit (trial or sample sizes only) that are needed to be handed out on Saturdays include: toothpaste, toothbrush, bar of soap, deodorant, razor, and shampoo. Your Hygiene Kit donations may be dropped off in the church office.

Samaritan House

Trinity Hills Baptist Church participates in the Samaritan House Supper Club at the Samaritan House in Fort Worth by providing a meal on every 5th Friday during the year. The mission of Samaritan House is to create a supportive community providing housing and resources for positive change in the lives of persons living with HIV/AIDS and other special needs. The Supper Club is made up of individuals, groups, and organizations that provide the evening meal for single residents.  If you are interested in providing food, cooking, serving and/or visiting with the residents, please contact Odessa Ellis. The next Supper Club date for Trinity Hills to serve will be Friday, May 29, 2020.

Missions: Live Updates

Loose Change Offering 

Your loose change can support Mission efforts that include:

  • Navajo Mission Work
  • LifeGate Ministries
  • Apartment Ministry
  • Samaritan House Supper Club

That loose change in your pocket or purse can mean so much. You may drop off your loose change offering in the basket located at the back of the sanctuary. Thank you for supporting Missions.